bizarre-bride: hello Strify, I wondered if you ever read any fanfictions about yourself? ^^


No, that is too difficult to read for me. I once read one about Cinema Bizarre. It involved a love triangle between me, Yu and Kiro and I must admit… Afterwards I promised myself I wouldn’t read them anymore :)
But they are not made for me to read, so keep on being entertained and let your wildest fantasies bloom ;)

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The “FIX ME Video Project” will run on Vimeo until the end of October. The Remix video will be exclusively on Vimeo until then, and I ask you to not put it on YouTube until then.
Just go to and click “tip this video”.
Thank you for all your help already. You inspire me and keep me going. All your gives and artwork make me happy.

In the next days I will be on a Digital Detox.

Spread love and keep on glittering

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We all combine the male and the female. It feels like we’re trying to get there. It feels like as a culture we’re trying to be all that we actually are. But because there’s still this fear, we are being fed these words that don’t make any sense. Like, ‘man-bag’ and ‘guyliner’. Like men don’t have hands or eyes! “Bought this guyliner, don’t know where it goes, and if I did, no way of putting it on.”

It still upsets me to hear even young, trendy couples saying things like, “We’re having a baby but we don’t know the gender so we don’t know whether to paint the nursery blue or pink. We might go for yellow, just to be safe.” What is the danger here? Go blue, go nuts! “What if it’s a girl, we don’t want it to grow up to be Bruce Willis!” So then they have the baby, and these sentences pour out of them, “Oh, we’ve had a girl, but she’s quite a tomboy.” What is this word? Maybe your idea of what a girl is supposed to be is quite restrictive. “Oh, we’ve had a boy, but he’s playing with dolls.” Oh, God! Then put him back in?

Simon Amstell on traditional gender roles, Numb (via ptandersoned)

When I was a little boy, I used to play with dolls and cars. I mixed all kind of toys and it made my fantasy world diverse and all blended in together perfectly for me. My neighbour used to paint my nails with nail polish, I never cared if it was labeled “girls” or “boys”. However, my parents used to fight about it constantly. My mother was supporting me but my father didn’t want to see me play with dolls and unicorns. Eventually, after my parents’ divorce I secretly blamed myself for that. I was too small to really understand that there were many reasons for the divorce but as a young boy it was difficult and made me struggle with myself, I turned from a curious, interested kid into an introvert, struggling with my identity.

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veronika-dobrovolskaya: Strify, Shin admitted that he was gay. You, too?


I always considered the term “coming out of the closet” as a strange phrase. It only applies to people living in a closet… and who would want that?

It always bothered me that society can only deal with individuals by labeling them as whatever they like, but why should an individual label itself? Sexuality is liquid and does not define me. Neither it defines you.

Love is nature.

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For those of you who can donate, make sure to click on “tip this video" in order to support Strify for his upcoming music video project of "Fix Me"!

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Jack Strify - Halo (We’re The Only One)[Epic Epileptic Remix]

Here it is: The video for HALO (WE’RE THE ONLY ONE)[EPIC EPILEPTIC REMIX] including the opportunity to donate a “tip” in order to increase our budget for the upcoming shooting for the music video FIX ME. If you want to help us you can easily leave a tip if you click “Tip this video”. Thank you already in advance for any help. Please share the video and the link.

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